But what is Parisian life?
Mmmm… very vague question and very vague answer. But I will try to describe some aspects of Parisian life to give you an idea.

The beauty of the city
Paris is still beautiful! The Eiffel Tower, the Trocadéro gardens, the Sacré Coeur, the Montmartre district, the varied parks & gardens (big favorite for the Buttes Chaumont garden), the small Sunday markets, the pretty Haussmanian-style apartments, the small streets full of details (street art, shops, small restaurants of all kinds)…

There would be so much to say about the richness of Parisian life, about all the discoveries there are to be made there, about its constant renewal (due to its large size, it is almost impossible to know everything at a given moment) … Living in Paris means having the opportunity to leave home and discover new things every day. It never ends! And that side is just… magical!
Cultural wealth
Museums, works in the streets, monuments steeped in history, Paris is an extremely rich city in terms of culture. Did you know that it is also the world capital of arts and culture… Ah yes, anyway!

Go get your croissants and baguette at the bakery
A cliché but also a symbol of Parisian life. Our delicious croissants, yum. Or pains au chocolat, pains aux raisins, and all those delicious French pastries. Well, people don’t eat it every day but all the same, it’s quite regular to go and buy your pastries at the local bakery in Paris. Especially on weekends. A real pleasure to taste, with a coffee/tea and a glass of orange juice (ideally freshly squeezed).

Not to mention the good baguette… there’s nothing like making a good sandwich in the morning (with butter, jam, spread) or a good ham-butter-pickle sandwich for the lunch break! Needless to say, bread in France, we control!

The work in Paris is often long and demanding. It encroaches a lot on personal life. Having experienced corporate life in several countries, I find that Parisians are really inclined to organize meetings that mobilize the whole team for everything, all the time. So yes, a lot of meetings, not always useful which can be frustrating and tiring in the long run.

The art of the aperitif
Very very common in Paris to go have a drink with friends or a colleague after work to disconnect from your day and talk about everything and nothing.
Food and good wine
Paris (and France in general) has an inimitable culinary richness. An innumerable quantity of specialties, whether in dishes, but also in cheese (France being one of the largest producers in the world), or even in wine… we enjoy it when we live in the capital of hexagon and there is something for everyone. And not to mention that because of the size of the city of Paris, there are also all the OTHER cultures that are represented. It’s simple, you can find everything there.